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Energy Star Certified Homes In Nashville

Energy Star efficient appliances are the way of the future. Each appliance must meet a strict standard set by EPA regulations, and can help you improve the energy efficiency and livability of your home. At Vastland Communities, we offer new and custom real estate properties that showcase these appliances, as well as other energy efficient features.

Our communities—which are known as Energy Star-certified homes—achieve an unparalleled level of energetic performance and can provide owners with exclusive cost-savings. Not to mention comfort and value-added benefits. Discover the advantages of investing in an Energy Star-certified community when you choose to live in a Vastland Community.

Energy Star-Certified Homes: What You Need To Know

Energy Star-certified homes are new residential buildings that have been designed and constructed to be highly energy efficient. By maintaining efficiency at the core of each phase of the real estate development project, these homes can help their owners save on the cost of utilities and enjoy a real estate asset that will maintain its value throughout time. 

Under the new Energy Star Residential New Construction Program, some of the construction measures and features that allow these homes to be so energy efficient include:

  • Thermal enclosure systems
  • High-efficiency heating and cooling system
  • High-performance windows and insulation systems
  • Water management systems that protect the structural integrity of the building from water damage
  • Energy-efficient appliances and lighting 

The Benefits of Living in an Energy-Certified Home

Whether it is for a residential or commercial construction project, it has never been more important for developers to maintain energy efficiency at the core of their design. But, investing in an energy-efficient home can be just as beneficial for buyers and owners! 

Reduced Energy Costs

According to estimations by Energy Star, residential construction projects that have obtained an Energy Star certification can be over 10% more efficient than traditionally-built homes. Additionally, they can achieve an energy-efficiency improvement of up to 20%. This can yield significant cost-saving benefits, especially now that homeowners are grappling with inflation, increased cost of living, and rising utility bills. 

Lower Environmental Impact

Energy Star-certified homes have a much lower environmental impact than homes built to code, which is something to consider for homeowners looking to reduce the environmental impact of their lifestyle. Energy efficient homes help to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change—allowing for eco-friendly homeowners to assist in protecting the environment.

Improved Durability and Lower Maintenance Costs

Energy Star-certified homes are equipped with the latest and most durable heating, cooling, and ventilation systems to reduce maintenance and repair costs. What’s more, the water management systems and high-performance windows and appliances are designed to safeguard the structural soundness and comfort of your home. These features help to prevent your home from losing value over time, not to mention save on your heating and cooling bills throughout the year.

Increased Comfort and Livability

Energy Star-certified homes are designed to provide wall-to-wall comfort for all residents of the family. The energy-efficient upgrades do so by:

  • Improving comfort
  • Preventing drastic temperature changes
  • Reducing noise
  • Controlling humidity
  • Improving indoor air quality
  • Reducing indoor air pollution
  • Filtering dust, pollen, and allergens from indoor air
  • Reducing drafts

Adding Value to Your Real Estate Property

When buying your first home, it is important to understand how this investment will impact your finances in the long term. Energy Star-certified homes have been seen to sell for up to 6% more than other similar homes that have been built to code, and the certification gives prospective owners access to energy-efficient mortgages. At Vastland Communities, we’re committed to saving the environment while providing you with a safe and comfortable place to lay your head at night.

We have curated and established long-term relationships with property management, mortgage lenders, and other pertinent areas of real estate development to provide quality homes to Nashville residents. If you’re ready to downsize or purchase a home in a new area, look no further than Vastland Communities. Here you’ll find exquisite amenities in luxury Nashville areas. Contact us today to schedule a tour.